Fulcrum Air Permit Challenged

Petitioners Seek Summary Judgement on Petition to Revoke Fulcrum Centerpoint’s Air Permit

Gary residents have formally requested that a judge revoke Fulcrum Bioenergy’s air permit for its Centerpoint facility. In a motion for “summary judgment,” filed with the Indiana Office of Environmental Adjudication (OEA), Gary residents argue that the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) failed to substantiate, as required by law, claims by the company that the plant will be a minor source of pollution and not a threat to public health and that, therefore, the permit should be revoked.

Press Release (November 15, 2023

Petitioner's Motion for Summary Judgement

Petitioners Designation of Evidence

Petitioners Memorandum in Support of Summary Judgement

Fact Sheet  

Fulcrum Challenges Right of Gary Residents to Petition to Revoke Permit  December 22, 2022